Eagle furniture

All the eagle furniture available here are all my own designs, and thoroughly tested out in the field by eagle falconers. The designs over the years have been slightly tweaked. With the addition of snakeskin fancy stitching etc, they have stood the test of time . These are the first choice for many eagle flyers.

The double skin glued and hand stitched is best selling falconry anklet on the market . Since its inception i have adapted it to fit most falconry birds from the V ring size upto eagles.It is fully copywrited  yet it is copied all over the world .

These anklets come in plain leather or snakeskin/ lizard or toad skins.

I  also make a tradional style set of anklets with jesses as a one piece style .also available without the jess part.

rolled edge double skin anklets are also available.

Braided jesses , extenders and double loop leashes are also available in 100kg dacron.

Mongolian eagle anklets and jesses. £20

     Eagle furniture

Braided equipment

see webshop 

Rolled edge £30 and full kit.£85

Belt and shoulder strap£100 , and full kit anklets and braid.£78

Traditional style anklet/jess £40.

rolled edge ankles , double skin 25£ up to 40£.

these will last for years.

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